Initially, I don't know what it was that made me get out of my car and take this photograph. But the trees looked so artificial and alien to the landscape. The more I studied the trees, the more I noticed they were all perfectly aligned and all different species and in the middle of a baron desert plain. So intriguing that I had to compose a composition. I ended up staying for almost 2 hours shooting a variety of images. It turns out, the reason these trees are aligned is due to a vein of water that runs through the bedrock providing them the much needed water they crave.

Limited edition prints are all printed on Hahnemule 305gsm Ultra Smooth paper. Prints are shipped unframed. Free International shipping.


‘Sandblasted’ is part of an award winning series shot in the UAE in 2019 and was recently awarded Two Silvers in the TIFA 2020 awards, silver place in the 2019 International PX3 Awards and silver in the ND Awards.

Silver TIFA Awards 2020

Silver PX3 Awards 2019

Silver ND Awards 2019

Limited Edition Sizes:

29" x 20" (73.7 x 50.8cm)  Edition of 10

39" x 27" (99 x 68.6cm) Edition of 7

51" x 35" (129.5 x 89cm)  Edition of 7

73" x 50" (185.5 x 127cm) Edition of 3