I searched a small pristine desert on the outskirts of Dubai and came across a young tree flanked by small sand dunes and felt the balanced shape of the of the foreground offered a potential composition. I feel the simplicity of this image contributes to its tranquil connection, with all my work I try to convey emotion, the emotions I feel on location.

Limited edition prints are all printed on Hahnemule 305gsm Ultra Smooth paper. Prints are shipped unframed. Free International shipping.

Limited Edition Sizes:

33" x 27" (83.8 x 68.5cm)  Edition of 10

43" x 35" (109.2 x 68.6cm) Edition of 7

53" x 43" (134.6 x 109.2cm)  Edition of 7

64" x 52" (162.5 x 132cm) Edition of 3