This image is more about the fallen tree rather than the three peaks, but the dunes almost look related, the form they all hold seems to be mirrored! The desert is so extreme and I have witnessed so many trees being engulfed by the relentless saltation. Eventually the trees will die due to lack of water, root exposure or the pressure of sand exerted.

Limited edition prints are all printed on Hahnemule 305gsm Ultra Smooth paper. Prints are shipped unframed. Free International shipping.

Limited Edition Sizes:

29" x 20" (73.7 x 50.8cm)  Edition of 10

39" x 27" (99 x 68.6cm) Edition of 7

51" x 35" (129.5 x 89cm)  Edition of 7

73" x 50" (185.5 x 127cm) Edition of 3