I loved taking this shot, as the RAW file wasn't much different to the final result. I tweaked the hue slightly and increased the contrast, but other than that, the image is out of camera. The sky looks dark as I exposed for the dunes when the light peaked through the clouds and there was a storm brewing on the horizon. The dash of orange between the dunes is different coloured sand blown in from the desert plains.

Limited edition prints are all printed on Hahnemule 305gsm Ultra Smooth paper. Prints are shipped unframed. Free International shipping.


‘Sandblasted’ is part of an award winning series shot in the UAE in 2019 and was recently awarded Two Silvers in the TIFA 2020 awards and silver place in the 2019 International PX3 Awards.

Silver TIFA Awards 2020

Silver PX3 Awards 2019

Limited Edition Sizes:

33" x 27" (83.8 x 68.5cm)  Edition of 10

43" x 35" (109.2 x 88.8cm) Edition of 7

53" x 43" (134.6 x 109.2cm)  Edition of 7

64" x 52" (162.5 x 132cm) Edition of 3