The dunes in this image look almost painted, this is the result of filtered light. When I shoot in the desert I tend to favour overcast skies because the sunlight will produce less contrast in the shadows. Just the right thickness of cloud cover will produce 'lightbox' conditions and the dunes come alive with a subdued hue.

Limited edition prints are all printed on Hahnemule 305gsm Ultra Smooth paper. Prints are shipped unframed. Free International shipping.


‘Sandblasted’ is part of an award winning series shot in the UAE in 2019 and was recently awarded Two Silvers in the TIFA 2020 awards.

Silver TIFA Awards 2020

Limited Edition Sizes:

12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5cm)  Edition of 10

24" x 24" (61 x 61cm)  Edition of 5

42" x 42" (106.7 x 106.7cm)  Edition of 5