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M E E T   T H E   T E A M

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British born, Anthony is an international fine art photographer based in London and Dubai. The recipient of a number of international awards including - a Winner in PX3 Prix de la Photographie in Paris, Fine Art Photography awards and ND Awards. His work has been exhibited in United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brazil and the US and featured in magazines such as Practical Photography, Timeout, Outdoor Photography, ND Magazine, LEMAG to name a few. His minimalist approach aims to reduce distraction by eliminating objects that sit outside the main subject. Anthony says, 'I’ve always tried to incorporate stillness, seclusion and silence in my work and these elements reflect back at the viewer, drawing your interest deeper into the story of the image.' His is represented globally by a selection of fine art galleries.

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Born in Bogota Colombia, Juan was a professional tennis player and grew up traveling around the world due to this profession. Seeing different cultures and ways of living always captivated Juan and he was curious to learn more about people and their behaviours. He has a strong interest in comparing diverse lifestyles and how people are affected or benefited by the world we live in. It is extremely important for him to listen and immerse himself into his subjects environment, this allows him to reveal the dignity and humanity within his art. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2015 with a journalism degree, he worked for some of the most prestigious newspapers in the state of Minnesota with most of my work focusing on photography. Even though he enjoyed being a photojournalist, he was missing the freedom to work on his own projects and for that reason, he moved to Dubai in 2016.

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