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An International Award Winning Fine Art Photographer based in London and Dubai. Anthony's an experienced teacher of in-field landscape photography workshops, conducting group and 1-2-1 workshops as well as providing online learning programs offering portfolio reviews and processing tutorials. Anthony has featured regularly in photography magazines and publications such as RPS Journal, Practical Photography, Neutral Density magazine, Outdoor Photography, Timeout, B&W Minimalist magazine, Landscape Photography magazine and Photo Eye Magazine. Anthony has over 45 international photography awards, provides talks at events and his work is available through brick galleries, online galleries and interior decor stores.

Originally from Manchester, Anthony grew up exploring the serene landscape of the Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland, which fuelled his creative endeavour. As a landscape  photographer,  Anthony  follows  a  minimalist photography  approach. This simplicity  shifts our perspective, so the imagery  is  less about a  specific location  and  more about  emotional  connection. Anthony's work tends to specialises in  seascape / ocean photography,  landscape  photography, desert photography and architecture photography. His fine art limited edition prints are collected globally.

Anthony also specialises in commercial photography, with industry experience in interior photography, architectural photography, product photography and lifestyle photography. As interior photographer, Anthony has worked with prestigious brands such as EMAAR, Address Hotels, Armani Hotels, VIDA Hotels, L'Oreal, Le Prairie, Dubai Airport to name a few.

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