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STILL, 2023

In the world we now live in, it's become more apparent that people have little time to sit still and enjoy the freedom of unwinding. It may seem unnecessary, superfluous or even a waste of time, considering the socially interconnected world we now live in. But the art of doing nothing is becoming part of our distant past, and now, it could even be interpreted as laziness or antisocial. But time to yourself is just as important as time with other people. 

This collection has two connotations: 

Each photograph within this collection has been captured and selected to provide the viewer with an opportunity to embrace stillness, an excuse for respite, to take a breather and enjoy a little solidarity. Think of it as a personal invitation to the moment in time that the photograph was made.

Secondly, the Isle of Lewis and Harris was a photographic location that had been on my radar since 2014. I finally visited in 2023 with one intention, to photograph the ethereal stillness of this stunning isle. It became apparent while capturing the natural beauty of the island, the importance of stillness. Taking it all in can sometimes be lost when you find yourself behind the lens, but on this occasion, it almost felt compulsory.


Many of the photographs within this series are long exposures, which have always been a preferred aesthetic for me due to the ethereal qualities these images can produce. But they have also given me time to reflect as many exposures can take up to 2-4 minutes. This time allows me to remove thoughts of daily mundanity, and to fully appreciate, experience and digest the details of the landscape I'm photographing. The art of stillness is becoming a luxury, but a luxury that costs nothing, only time. 

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