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Anthony Lamb is an Award Winning Fine Art Photographer based in the UK and Dubai. He's a passionate teacher of photography conducting group and one-to-one photography workshops as well as providing online distance learning programs. Anthony features regularly in photography magazines and publications such as Practical Photography, Outdoor Photography, B&W Minimalist magazine, Landscape Photography magazine, Timeout, LEMAG, ND magazine, RPS Journal to name just a few. Anthony has over 40 international photography awards, is a regular speaker at events and his work has appeared internationally in exhibitions, galleries and interior decor stores. His fine art limited edition prints are collected globally.

Starting  initially  as a  landscape  photographer,  Anthony  now follows  a  minimalist photography  approach  and this  simplicity  shifts our perspective, so the imagery  is  less about a  specific location  and  more about  emotional  connection. Anthony's work tends to specialises in  seascape / ocean photography,  landscape  photography, desert photography and architecture photography.

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