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Brush Strokes  2018 - Present

Anthony's photography has always been heavily influence by art and design. From the age of seven he started painting watercolour landscapes, spending hours trying to perfect the image. At the time he didn't understand why painting had such a calming influence on his emotions, but looking back, it relates to his connection with nature and the need to document it. Photography enables him to paint with light and the edit process is where he can utilise his creativity and add his own emotions to the story. This collection is not about a specific location, it's more about the emotions of the photographer and the viewer which are conducted by the tonalities of the photographic image.


Since 2018, Anthony has developed this abstract photography portfolio, offering an aesthetic inspired by art itself. These seascapes use long exposure, with the aim of capturing the essence of the landscape. Producing glimpses of colour and tone which produce a sense of mystery, and makes you question what you are looking at.

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