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SUMI-E  2019

Since 2018, Anthony has developed his abstract photography portfolio, offering an aesthetic inspired by art itself. Initially, producing seascapes using long exposure of shingle beaches and sandbars, this idea transitioned to waterfalls. The diversity of every capture intrigued him and opportunity to 'freeze frame' droplets with fast shutter speeds or execute prolonged exposures, produced a more mysterious, ethereal aesthetic. You find both of these techniques used in the making of these photographs.


The collection is called 'SUMI-E' which is a Far-Eastern form of ink wash painting. The meditative quality of these images reflects famous painters such as Hasegawa Tōhaku, who is best know for his folding screens of pine trees and flowering plants. There are also elements of inspiration from modern greats, such as Rothko and the drip paintings of Ian Davenport. The original RAW files have all been colour inverted and the hue, contrast and exposure have been treated to a digital process that interprets the abstract expressionist influence. The colour management has been inspired by glacial ice, confusing the viewer into thinking they might be looking at something from the polar region, objects melting or transitioning. Compositionally, the photographs are completely original and true to the source, with no other medium added or included. The compositions are simplistic, unpretentious and reliant on the viewer to calculate what they are actually looking at. The element of water, ink painting influence, monotone compositions, painterly aesthetic and balance of form are all fundamentals that all work in harmony to reflect serenity, Zen and SUMI-E.

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