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*Introduction - required

Anthony will explain how his love for the outdoors and his art & design background has influenced his early interest in photography and will take you through his journey as a photographer over the past 16 years. It will also be an opportunity for you to talk through your interests, influences, equipment and expectations.

Techniques & Surroundings

This module will provide you with expert advice on composition, use of the histogram, exposure triangle, depth of field and location research.


Foundations of Editing

Through studying your own images and some of Anthony images, colour, tone, contrast, composition, light, subjects and the foundations of editing will be discussed.


Creating Workflows

Anthony will share his workflow and PS techniques used on many of his photographs and provide valuable advice on how you can create your own style.


Advanced Editing

Local and global editing, removing distractions, layering, masking and when and where to use luminosity gradients. Building adjustment layers for exposure, hue/saturation, contrast and sharpening.


Advanced Sharpening

Exploring a variety of sharpening techniques to suit your preference. We consider fast sharpening, local sharpening, masking, layered sharpening and high pass techniques.


Advanced Cloning

The heal brush, cloning brush and content aware are all important tools in PS. This module will look at a number of different techniques that will provide you with a fool proof way of improving your photographs.


Mastering Panoramics

You will be provided with the required tips and tricks to help you master the art of panoramic photography, from setting up your tripod, visualising the scene and using tried and tested techniques to ensure a perfect result from field to finished edit.


Black and White Photography

Using in camera methods and Anthony's preferred edit workflow to produce high dynamic range black and white photographs.


Mastering Long Exposure

Shooting and editing long exposure photography. Using Anthony's in-field experience of taking long exposures, he will share all his preferred techniques and methods of producing ethereal image quality.


Printing Images

Mastering how to print the highest quality prints of your work for personal usage or to sell online or to galleries. Priming your work for print, what papers are best suited and outsourcing or printing yourself.


Website Design & Construction

Creating your own website has never been so easy. In this module we will look at how best to market yourself and the tools available. Looking at small and big budget ideas and how you can target your audience.


Making Money in Photography

Build a career out of your passion. This part of the program will concentrate on the different revenue channels that can be accessed in order to start the process of generating income from something you love doing.


Building an Identity

It's so important to find a niche in the market that suits you and your style. Here we will discuss what elements are important when entering into the business of fine art photography. 


*Final Evaluation - required

In the final week we will evaluate your photographs and the progress you have made throughout the learning program. It will also give you the opportunity to cover off any last concerns you may have, then together we will choose your best images and compose a digital portfolio.


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